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Liftera b

An all-in-one solution for face lifting with a Line-type applicator and body contouring with a Lipo-type applicator.

Liftera-B has dual-type applicators that perform multifunctional treatments for
effective face lifting (Line) and body contouring (Lipo).

Face&Body Treatment
Thermal Diffusion Treatment (TDT) Technology delivers thermal energy into multiple depths of the patient’s subcutaneous fat layer where target tissues die off and are consumed by the body’s macrophages.
2 Unique Applicators in One
2-Way Type Non-Invasive Procedure
A technology that delivers strong ultrasound energy into target regions with 2 unique applicators for fast treatments.
Comfortable & Quick
Effective & Less Pain
Patients receiving the Liftera-A experience less pain under reduced treatment times. Immediately following a customized procedure, the patient will have little downtime and can simply carry on with their daily routines.
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