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kimes 2019 (seoul, korea)

As always, we welcome you to explore what technologies and services we offer at or send us an inquiry on our homepage to witness what technologies we are advancing for upcoming shows, seminars and beyond.

The 2019 Korea International Medical & Hospital Equipment Show (KIMES) in Seoul, the largest international exhibition of medical devices and hospital facilities in Korea, was held at the COEX Exhibition Center in Samseong-dong from March 14-17. Hosting 1,400 companies as exhibitors from 36 countries, a large turnout of visitors also came to Korea to interact with present and future leaders of the global medical aesthetic market, in which Korea holds a significant market share that appeals greatly to international stakeholders.

Asterasys commanded both strong and promising interest among medical professionals and overseas clients on technologies advancing both domestic and global frontiers.

Regarded one of the largest medical equipment exhibitions held at the COEX, medical professionals and other notable attendees from across the globe gather every year to observe and trade developing insights on technologies displayed at the venue, as Asterasys looks forward to what’s ahead for 2020 KIMES.

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