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Our promise to improve quality of life in health
and beauty through technological innovation.

ASTERASYS advances human health, based on cutting-edge development of technologies.
ASTERASYS was founded in 2015 with the primary goal of becoming a leader in smart healthcare solutions through bio (BT) and IT convergence technologies, and is also a professional medical company that released Liftera for facial skin lifting and InBalance for measuring and analyzing body composition. In 2018, ASTERASYS launched 4 Liftera series, 3 Futera series, 3 skin-care devices, 2 body composition analyzers, as well as other medical equipment for hospitals and skincare devices for beauty care clinics and salons. ASTERASYS retains a one-stop solution from in-house development of manufacturing through a technology research institute, supplying high quality products to each of its customers. In addition to investing heavily in developing academic and marketing materials, human resources, ASTERASYS strives to earn the trust of its expanding customer base to assure an improved quality of life by committing significant resources into R&D within its healthcare and biomedical sectors.

The Power of ATS

Aesthetics | Technology | Service
Asterasys promote beautiful and healthy lives for our customers with unrivaled expertise in aesthetics, technology and positive energy.

Passion for Aesthetics
Our dedication to aesthetics doesn’t just stress appearances, but to overall health to your inner beauty. Maintaining a healthy balance to the body leads to a spiritual motivation to live a more fulfilling life.
Innovating Technology
At Asterasys, developing cutting-edge products is what drives us in our goals to contribute to a healthier and more beautiful mankind.
Service Oriented
Asterasys focus on delivering products and services for our customers with constant attention to detail and care.

Vision of



CI is the most important element that best represents Asterasys in communicating with customers.
The use of CI is based on the principle of using a computer manuscript that strictly recommends grid regulations to
avoid deformation of basic form, in case of use for enlargement purposes, etc.
Each square in different colors represents a symbol that conveys a beautiful life, challenging spirit, and innovative technology. The symbol mark, which is formed by crossing all three squares, implies a willingness of the company to grow into a star, or a global brand, by concentrating different viewpoints into one ultimate goal.
ASTERASYS is a combination of ASTERA + TERA + SYSTEM, in which “ASTERA” means “star” in Greek, “TERA” as 1012 means “technology,” and “SYS” as an abbreviation of “system”, or systematic organization to be exact.



Color System

RGB 0 163 224 | HEX 00A3E0 | CMYK 86 8 0 0
RGB 0 114 206 | HEX 0072CE | CMYK 90 48 0 0
PANTONE Blue 072 C
RGB 0 16 6 159 | HEX 10069F | CMYK 100 95 0 3
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