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Business Overview

Asterasys is a professional healthcare and biomedical corporation based in Korea.
With featuring body composition analyzers such as the InBalance series and HIFU systems such as the Liftera series,
we provide total solutions with healthcare, skincare, and IoT-oriented services that can connect with our product portfolio.

Healthcare business
We develop biometric products to carry out comprehensive health checks for disease prevention purposes.
Beauty and Skin-care related aesthetic business
To research and develop differentiated beauty management products for the best skincare solutions.
Aesthetic medical device
distribution business
Development of various treatment programs linked to aesthetic, healthcare and medical equipment developed by Asterasys.
Healthcare IoT
Platform Business
Provide a panel and interlocking platform for IoT interworking service of our various healthcare, medical and beauty products.

Business Scope

Bio-electrical Impedance Analysis (BIA)-based technology for
body composition analysis
High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) Technology
Radio Frequency (RF) Technology
Laser Optics / Access Control Technology
Smart Healthcare Platform Software Technology
Medical class Smart Body Composition Analyzer
Portable diffusion brand of IoT Body Composition Analyzer
Medical class HIFU skin lifting equipment
Medical class body contouring HIFU equipment
Aesthetic HIFU device for beauty salon
Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) medical equipment
Hair removal laser equipment
Fractional Radio Frequency (RF) equipment
Essential skincare technologies (AquaPeel, Suction RF, Multifunctional Skincare Treatment)
Customer Sectors
Dermatology clinics, plastic surgery hospitals, beauty care salons
Health checkup centers, hospitals, oriental medical clinics
Fitness & health centers
Institutions, healthcare organizations
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